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Automating security and compliance across AWS, Azure, GCP, and private clouds. customers are looking for an alternative, and RedLock isn’t the answer. Palo Alto Networks keeps adding products into the mix, but they still can’t provide the level of visibility and type of support offered by Lacework.

With support for all major cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP), containers (Docker, Kubernetes, managed container services), and compliance frameworks (CIS Benchmark, SOC 2, PCI, HIPAA), Lacework delivers the deepest and most comprehensive visibility and analysis of events and activity for modern environments. Rather than using an inaccurate, rules-based approach like, Lacework is an agent-based solution that provides best-in-class efficacy by detecting the known and unknown threats via intelligence and customer-provided policies, and behavioral anomalies in account, workload, and user behavior. Users get more accurate and actionable insight into their security posture, and are better equipped to prevent threats and act when issues arise.

Lacework provides a comprehensive view of risks across cloud workloads and containers.

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“Within three months we stopped using Every year we re-up with Lacework. My argument with infosec is always the same. If I take Lacework out, what’s the alternative? There isn’t one.”

Matthew Zeier | Wavefront

Know your environment better than ever before.