Top 5 Strategies to Balance Container Advantages and Risks

Top 5 Strategies to Balance Container Advantages and Risks

26. Mai 2021

Containers have become an increasingly popular way for development and operations teams to deliver software to their end users with speed and scale, and show no sign of slowing down. However, given their structure, containers can be prone to a wide array of vulnerabilities and attack vectors.

In order to balance their inherent advantages with container-specific risk, companies must combine a container security strategy with an adoption plan that supports development speed without sacrificing security.

Learn about how to improve your container security posture at both buildtime and runtime, and how to stay on top of potential container vulnerabilities so you can continue to innovate with speed and safety.

We cover how to:

  • Address the specific security needs of containers
  • Balance container advantages with container risks
  • Utilize containers to deliver innovation at speed and scale
  • Combine buildtime and runtime security for maximum protection
  • Stay on top of growing container adoption trends