Tevora: Simplify Continuous Compliance and SOC 2

Tevora: Simplify Continuous Compliance and SOC 2

August 3, 2021

All You Need to Know to Streamline SOC 2

Your SOC 2 audit doesn’t have to be an ordeal with Lacework standing beside you. Lacework engaged noted independent assessor Tevora to review how we simplify continuous security and SOC 2 compliance.

Tevora goes deep, with a thorough review on how Lacework helps you:

  • Secure your environment
  • Be vigilant in anticipating what might occur in the evolving security landscape
  • Implement appropriate measures to detect and react to existing and emerging threats
  • Be resilient in recovery operations when a security incident does occur

Read the whitepaper and find out in detail how Lacework delivers the comprehensive security platform to protect your organization and handle SOC 2 compliance with confidence.