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Five Ways to Optimize Your SIEM with Lacework

18. Januar 2022

The most cited pain point by companies already invested in a SIEM is the sheer volume of alerts. Even modestly sized organizations can experience well above 2,000 alerts a day (a figure that grows right alongside the company’s growth). Each of these alerts requires someone to touch them, usually telling the SIEM to ignore this particular instance of an alert. Put another way, security events are common, but actual breaches are rare.

Lacework helps organizations reduce alerts, attain cost savings, and increase context and visibility. Our guide dives into how to:

  • Achieve 95% fewer false positives and investigate threats 80% faster
  • Minimize your SIEM costs – often by 50% – by pre-processing your AWS CloudTrail logs to send only security-relevant data
  • Potentially eliminate your SIEM entirely