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Comprehensive and automated Kubernetes security and compliance

April 29, 2022

More and more organizations are moving to the cloud and using containers to deploy revenue-generating applications faster, at a lower cost, and with near-unlimited, elastic scale. Kubernetes, or K8s, is a critical infrastructure layer in most cloud deployments, as it is the leading container orchestration and management technology. While Kubernetes offers substantial operational benefits, it also needs to be properly monitored and secured to prevent an external threat or malicious insider from compromising containers and the workloads within them. This compromise could lead to nefarious activities such as cryptomining, or finding and exfiltrating sensitive data. K8s security and event logging is also essential for ensuring compliance with regulations and frameworks such as the NSA and CISA Kubernetes Hardening Guide lists, NIST 800-53, CIS Benchmark for Kubernetes, PCI DSS, SOC 2, and ISO 27001.

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