Cloud Security Automation For Dummies®

Cloud-Security-Automatisierung für Dummies®

August 5, 2021

Get the big picture on cloud security, in all its complexity, speed, and scale. Our Cloud Security Automation For Dummies® eBook provides a solid foundation in the value, challenges, and best practices of cloud security automation. Journey through the paradigm shift in cloud security: where we are—and where we’re heading at warp speed.

Get the latest insights to:

  • Manage your cloud security posture
  • Protect your cloud assets
  • Craft a cloud workload protection platform
  • Guide container security—and more

Find out why behavior beats rules. And why visibility is good—but context is critical. Managing security takes a deep understanding of cloud behavior and traffic, usage patterns, threats, and vulnerabilities. This book helps you get a grasp on all of it.

Every page is packed with essentials trends and insights.