Greenlight Guru optimizes its regulatory compliance on AWS

Our transition to Lacework was super smooth. With any anomaly that we had, we had instant feedback on what went wrong and how to properly address it.


Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Greenlight Guru provides the leading quality management software as a service (SaaS) for medical device companies. To maintain high security standards for its customer data and keep pace with ever-changing regulations within the medical device industry, Greenlight Guru engaged AWS partner Lacework, a cloud-first, data-driven security platform that automates security at scale.


  • Managed multiple point solutions that were not scalable
  • Lacked a comprehensive approach to compliance management in highly regulated market
  • Needed a consistent vulnerability policy that integrated into the development pipeline


  • Introduced a single platform for cloud security, containers, and AWS environments
  • Gained visibility and context needed to meet industry and customer security requirements
  • Integrated vulnerability information into the DevSecOps workflows


  • Better manage risk from vulnerabilities and misconfigurations with a consolidated view from a single platform
  • Easily show evidence trails that demonstrate an active presence of regulatory measures and security protocols
  • Increase productivity and optimize the security management process with more efficient workflows