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Tired of Palo Alto Prisma? Scale with Lacework

The cloud has evolved. Don’t get stuck with a legacy approach.

You need cloud security that helps you build fast, while staying secure. Legacy security vendors lack innovation and often neglect customer requests and support. Outdated approaches from “solutions” like Palo Alto Networks may end up leaving gaps in your overall security posture, and your support needs unmet. The amalgamation of acquired security products they’ve cobbled together and dubbed Prisma was not built from the ground up to deliver comprehensive cloud-native security, and simply can’t compare to the precision, scale, and actionable insight of a born in the cloud, security-centric platform.

The most innovative companies are realizing this, and are making the switch to Lacework.

  • 95% reduction in false positives
  • 80% faster threat investigations
  • 2-5 outdated tools consolidated
  • One consolidated platform that scales with your cloud needs
  • A solid customer success team that puts you first, always

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Lacework vs Palo Alto Prisma

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