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Have You Outgrown Your Entry Level Cloud Security Tools?

Innovation at Speed and Scale with ONE Cloud Security Platform

Organizations seeking to manage their complex cloud environments often consider using public cloud tools to address their compliance and security needs. While there is a long list of these tools available (AWS GuardDuty, AWS Inspector, AWS Security Hub, Azure Security Center, Google Cloud Security Command Center—just to name a few), security leaders must consider the hidden costs and inherit limitations of this approach.


there’s a better way—with Lacework, you are able to take an integrated and purpose-built approach to securing your dynamic cloud infrastructure. The most innovative cloud-first companies are realizing this, and are making the switch to Lacework. Why? Simple:

  • 95 % weniger False-Positives
  • 80 % raschere Untersuchung von Bedrohungen
  • 1 modernes Tool statt 2–5 veralteter Tools
  • Eine konsolidierte Plattform, die sich an Ihre Cloud-Anforderungen anpasst

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Lacework vs. Cloud-Provider-Security-Tools

“For organizations struggling to meet the needs of their security program with their existing staff, creating a comprehensive cloud security approach that works across multiple clouds, containers, and workloads can be difficult. Organizations often underestimate the time it takes to plan, build, and run these systems by 2 to 3x.

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