Cloud Security Solutions for DevOps, Workloads, Containers, Accounts, and Cloud Environments

How Lacework provides automated, comprehensive, security solution for multicloud and container environments

The cloud is increasingly popular for all types of organizations, and that popularity makes it a great target for hackers. Data leaks, account hijacks, cloud server breaches, and other illicit activity is making companies that run workloads in the cloud exposed and vulnerable. Lacework supports them with an automated, comprehensive, security solution for multicloud and container environments that helps them maintain control of their business.


Host-based Intrusion Detection

Lacework Host-based IDS (HIDS) automatically identifies intrusions and raises the alarm so you can stay a step ahead of attackers. We give you the visibility and context you need to resolve intrusion events before they turn into damaging breaches. Delivered as a service, Lacework can be deployed at scale in minutes.

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Runtime Threat Defense

To provide comprehensive security for active threats and vulnerabilities caused by misconfigurations and other infrastructure changes, Lacework uses runtime defense to identify, analyze, and alert on anomalous behavior for applications, virtual resources, hosts, and all user activity.

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File Integrity Monitoring

Designed for high-velocity cloud implementations, Lacework’s FIM solution automates the setup and eliminates labor-intensive rule development, ACL specification, and configuration. With our innovative baselining technology, Lacework keeps up with cloud changes while dramatically reducing false positives so security teams can focus on the FIM events that really matter.

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Kubernetes Security

Lacework provides deep visibility into your Kubernetes deployment. This includes high-level dashboards of your clusters, pods, nodes, and namespaces combined with application-level communication between all of these at the application, process, and network layer.

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Anomaly Detection

Lacework provides comprehensive, real-time anomaly detection for all modern cloud and container environments. It uses machine learning to identify and analyze behavioral deviations from normalized behaviors in cloud and container infrastructures that result from vulnerabilities.

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Configuration Compliance

Operating on multiple cloud platforms can increase the threat vector of the overall infrastructure and add complexity to an already challenging task. Lacework delivers deep visibility for configurations across all of an enterprise’s cloud accounts and workloads so organizations can ensure compliance with industry, governmental, and institutional standards.

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Account Security

In multicloud environments, it’s critical to monitor the activities of each account. Lacework helps organizations understand who is using what, to learn what API calls are made to various cloud resources, and identify irregularities that might indicate account risk.

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