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Cloud Security Automation for the Enterprise

Simplify and Automate Cloud Security Enterprise-Wide

Modernizing your cloud security posture with Lacework® can lower your operational costs by up to 35%—or potentially significantly more. Our platform deploys easily across the enterprise to deliver comprehensive visibility and security to Kubernetes, containers, and multi-cloud environments. Now you can untangle merger and acquisition (M&A) complexity, proactively detect evolving threats, and solve compliance mandates from build time to run time—all from a unified console.

Legacy providers require heavy integration and maintenance, while point solutions cover only a limited portion of the security landscape. Only Lacework operationalizes security throughout the enterprise stack without disrupting your business.

Lacework’s Polygraph® technology models your infrastructure, then continually monitors in real time to detect activities falling outside that model. Polygraph’s unsupervised machine learning automates and speeds anomaly detection for fast time-to-value.

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Manage Vulnerability and Compliance While Minimizing SIEM Costs

Developers racing to deploy applications and microservices don’t want to be slowed down by security snags. Polygraph allows your developers to build securely and ship code quickly with:

  • Seamless runtime detection
  • Polygraph protection on the control plane
  • Continuous, vigilant compliance
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Identifying and prioritizing vulnerability across containers and workloads

Decreased maintenance and manual rule writing frees up DevOps resources and enables more focus on production.

Drowning in cloud logs and their associated costs? Lacework can cut SIEM spend by as much as half—simply by pre-processing AWS CloudTrail logs and sharing only security-relevant data. But why stop at optimizing, when you can consolidate tools and eliminate your SIEM vendor altogether?

Solve Complex M&A Challenges

A dynamic M&A program may grow your business—but security can become a major risk. any enterprises struggle with managing a complex security stack created through multiple M&A investments that cobble together disparate legacy point products. The average organization maintains 25-49 security tools!, which inflate costs and generate irrelevant or duplicative alerts. Worse, complexity can invite breaches.

With Lacework’s data-first, single-panel platform, you get deep visibility into risks and active threats across diverse cloud environments, wherever you are in the M&A process.

Deliver Comprehensive Enterprise Cloud Security from Build Time to Run Time

If you’re challenged by multiple configurations, compliance mandates, or numerous cloud and containerized environments, you need a comprehensive view across a single console. That’s why Lacework takes a platform approach when it comes to cloud security – one that has you covered from vulnerability discovery, to container security, to CI/CD automation and beyond.

Only Lacework delivers total security that spans your entire cloud infrastructure. We preempt and address potential exploits with continuous, automated monitoring and protection across the control plane and workload levels. Rely on uninterrupted visibility, analysis, and context to detect vulnerabilities and threats:

  • Monitor ongoing activity on all cloud platforms
  • Simple operations and maintenance
  • Stay on top of every potentially malicious event
  • Minimize alert noise and fatigue
Cloud Workoad Protection - Host Vulnerabilty

With continuous monitoring, configuration compliance, high-fidelity alerts, and push-button reports, Lacework delivers modern cloud security to your enterprise.

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