Business Value



Reduce Cost and Add Value with the Lacework Platform

Lacework not only reduces your total cost of ownership across your cloud and containerized environments, but also provides:

  • Container Security: Container security for apps
  • Kubernetes Security: K8s security and orchestration security
  • Streamline Security: Reduce your investigation and research time by 90% with unmatched visibility and context.
  • Vulnerability Management: Accurately determine risk from build to run time
  • Compliance & Posture Management: Avoid misconfigurations, which are one of the largest threats in the cloud
  • Account Security: Ensure these critical control points are secure
  • Workload Security: Host security is important as not every app is a container

Lacework vs Other “Solutions”

“Lacework is committed to driving cloud security. Our solutions provide up to 98% fewer false positives, with investigation time savings of 30%, and we can deploy in less than 20 minutes.”




The Lacework Platform




Complete Security for the Cloud Generation


Evaluate Lacework for yourself. We’re sure you’ll be impressed.