How to Improve Breach Detection in the Cloud

Security and proper incident response are business-critical concerns which cannot be treated as afterthoughts. In fact, as technology supports almost all business-critical decisions and activities, security and compliance must be prioritized and embedded into an organization’s business practices. In complex, cloud environments, the threat of breaches and other security issues still loom large, but with […]

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Cloud Compliance Security, Part 2: The Importance of Security Controls

In our previous blog on compliance security, we looked at the importance of an organizations’ security approach and how to effectively build requirements that meet cloud compliance security demands. Among the many ways to carry this out, adhering to the right security controls is an effective way to ensure compliance needs are met. Security teams […]

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Cloud Compliance Security, Part 1: Understanding Expectations & Building Requirements

Most organizations associate their cloud compliance programs together with governance and risk. Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) programs represent a collection of controls designed to ensure that your organization manages their information security risks appropriately and that your security controls operate effectively. GRC programs work to identify gaps in your cloud security controls and also provide […]

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Cryptojacking Malware

Cryptojacking Malware Gets Creative with Variable Names

This malware sample may unlock your variable naming writer’s block. Have you ever tried using your favorite foods? We hadn’t either until we came across this one. This Bash script was seen following the Confluence exploits we recently blogged about. The unique variable naming isn’t the only thing that caught our eye. The script uses […]

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