Lacework at AWS re:Inforce 2021

August 24-25, 2021 | Houston, TX


AWS re:Inforce 2021

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Are you ready leave your legacy security solution pains in the dust and automate your cloud security at scale?

Meet with us at AWS re:Inforce to see how Lacework automates security and compliance across AWS, providing a comprehensive view of risks across your cloud workloads and containers.

Learn how you can:

  • Gain end-to-end security visibility across your AWS and multi-cloud environments
  • Significantly enhance triage effectiveness
  • Secure containers and Kubernetes environments
  • Ensure continuous compliance

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Lacework for AWS

Threat detection, compliance, and automated security monitoring for AWS.


Lacework provides comprehensive, continuous end-to-end security and configuration support for workloads and accounts running in AWS and in multi-cloud environments.

  • Find Identity and Access Management (IAM) vulnerabilities, including the use of “root” account, password requirements, and use of multi-factor authentication
  • Check for logging best practices, ensure AWS CloudTrail is enabled across regions, and log files validated and encrypted
  • Monitor critical account activity such as unauthorized API calls and use of the management console and the “root” account
  • Confirm secure network configurations, including limiting access to vulnerable ports, enforcing “least access” privileges and checking for the use of flow logging
  • Assess your S3 settings for S3 buckets at risk

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