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Cloud Security Is a Data Problem

Unprecedented data growth is forcing enterprises around the world to reconsider their data storage infrastructure, forgoing legacy architecture and shuffling to cloud platforms. But while we’re focused on migrating our data from one place to another, we tend to overlook the most important aspect of data management: security. At Lacework, we’ve always believed that security […]

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Safeguarding Your Flock

Safeguarding Your Flock Using Anomaly Detection with Lacework’s Polygraph

Imagine you’re a shepherd, tending to an enormous flock. As you look around your vast expanse of healthy sheep, admiring their gleaming white wool, a flash of color catches your eye. You wade through your flock until you come upon its source: a bright blue sheep—an intruder—calmly grazing in your pasture. Something’s not right. You […]

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Why I’m Here

Please Note: This post is an abridged version of the “Interview with Úlfar Erlingsson” interview by the Research Team at Sutter Hill Ventures. View the original post here: Article Like a lot of people who work in security, I got into it by accident. I was pursuing a PhD in the mid-90s when, suddenly, the […]

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