A screenshot of the AWS re:Inforce landing page in a purple colour scheme with a call out in the bottom right corner saying, "Key Takeaways"

AWS re:Inforce 2021 Key Takeaways

AWS held its second major security-focused event today, AWS re:Inforce. The event itself was cut short, but the take-home message was strong: To reach your business goals, security must be a core part of everything you do. Keynote The day kicked off with a quick message from the new AWS CEO, Adam Selipsky. He welcomed […]

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Biden National Security Memorandum

A New Hope for Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure has been impacted by cyberattacks and cybercrime at an alarming rate in 2021. At varying points this year, the nation’s meat supply, ~20% of its oil production, a small city in Florida, and almost half of the country’s electric utilities have been under cyberattack. Given these, and the increase in overall volume and […]

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Agent vs Agentless Security: Which One Is Better?

The move to the cloud has resulted in a shift in how we do security. Things move fast in the cloud, and you may not have the access you’re used to. The Shared Responsibility Model explains how this dynamic environment works. It describes what operational areas you need to cover and what your service provider […]

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