Real-World AWS Account Compromises and How Lacework Stops Them

I’m excited and proud to announce that Lacework’s Polygraph technology is now available to protect your AWS account. If you’re an AWS customer, you already know you’re on the hook to secure your own data. Under Amazon’s shared security model, you’re also responsible for the security of your AWS account. Think of it this way: […]

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Amazon Web Services

Lacework Brings Zero-Touch Anomaly Detection to AWS Accounts

Mountain View, Calif. – August 14, 2017 – Lacework™, the industry’s first zero-touch cloud security solution, today announced that Lacework Polygraph is now integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudTrail, extending the company’s zero-touch security approach to protect AWS accounts. Using Lacework for AWS CloudTrail, cloud teams can make sense of CloudTrail data, deepen visibility […]

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