cloud workload security

Lacework Launches with the Industry’s First Zero-Touch Cloud Workload Security Platform

Mountain View, Calif. – April 24, 2017 – Recently incubated Lacework™, a new provider of cloud workload security solutions, launched out of stealth mode today with the introduction of Lacework Polygraph™, the industry’s first zero-touch cloud workload security platform that instantly detects breaches, manages insider threats, delivers insights into workloads, and offers graphical investigation tools […]

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Lacework Coming Out Of Stealth!

An incredible milestone in a journey that started two years ago with a simple question: Why does it take enterprises 6+ months to find intruders in their data centers? […]

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Security Challenges: Just a Handful

A CIO I met recently, capture the current security scenario quite aptly. He said, “ I will not be promoted for doing security right and spending money on it, but I can be fired if things go wrong. The other challenge with security is that the stack has become very complex and I do not […]

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No Policies. No Rules. No Logs.

 It’s the brass ring of security professionals everywhere: spot every breach in less than one day. Can it be done? On average, how many days does it take to detect a security breach in a modern hybrid cloud environment? 205 days? 146 days? 99 days? The truth is, it doesn’t matter. Any security breach that’s not […]

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